By , November 9, 2017 3:55 PM

The joke last week was “Only the Browns can lose during their bye week” referring to our failure to trade for Garopollo or get to the fax machine fast enough to get McCarron. In spite of our quarterback issues I am not sure that we will regret both of those “whiffs”. But we now have reason to believe that the coaching staff and front office are NOT on the same page which historically has been a recipe for disaster.

We are all disgusted with our winless first half especially since most of us circled a few of those games as W’s. No doubt the second half will be tougher. We have now taken a deep breath and gotten most of our wounded back.

Join us this Sunday at the Fox and Hound at noon to see if we can survive in the Lions’ den. Our halftime giveaways will be this slick Browns duffle bag and “ghost logo” blanket, followed by our 50/50 raffle.


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