By , December 22, 2017 3:30 PM

Another down week for Kizer and we are 0-14. Yes he is making rookie mistakes but at some point even rookies should be learning from their mistakes and correcting them. He leads the league with interceptions at 19 and I don’t even want to know what our takeaway-giveaway numbers are, but they have to be negative. Can anybody remember the last turnover we got?

Well the Browns are not the only ones with new leadership. I am pleased to announce that our Windy City Dawg Pound will have new leadership next season, namely Bill Schmid assisted by Mike Royer. Bill is a charter member going back to the bowling alley days and Mike was not too far behind him. The jury is still out on Dorsey but I am thankful that our Dawg Pound will be in capable and loyal hands.

As Elaine would say about this week’s matchup “the losers are playing the losers”. Elaine and I will not be with you this week but you are all welcome to come out to the Fox and Hound at noon to find out who the losers will be this week. In our eyes you are all winners. We thank you for your support and for keeping the faith in these very trying times.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and……………


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