By , October 26, 2017 4:31 PM

Due to the 8:30 am CST start time for the game this week and the 11 AM opening time of the Fox and Hound there will be no official watch party this week.

The Browns’ quarterback carousel has stopped on Kizer again. Here’s hoping he and the Browns get us to 1-7 before the bye week. We gather again on Sunday November 12th when the Browns travel to Detroit to take on the Lions. In the meantime….



By , October 19, 2017 2:53 PM

I thought Hogan would give us a spark but was terribly disappointed. How can somebody look so good coming off the bench and so bad as a starter? Kizer is back and claims that the week on the bench “sparked his competitive juices”. You’re a rookie starting for an NFL team, isn’t that enough?

Speaking of NFL team our good friend Michael Williams told me last week that watching our Browns right now is like watching a college team trying to compete against pros. I can’t argue. The losses are piling up and the blame game is in full swing. It’s hard to believe that a team with 2 dozen draft picks the last two years doesn’t at least show glimpses of improvement week to week. Our only real playmaker Garrett was a no brainer pick, the jury is still out on the rest.

As for the blame game, my favorite Greek proverb “The Fish Rots from the Head Down” applies, and Haslam is the head. While I don’t question his desire to win, and realize he is (or was) new at this, he has failed to put enough football knowledge in place in the front office and it shows. We failed to commit to drafting quarterbacks who are now developing into winners in front of our eyes, Watson, Wentz, Trubisky, Carr, and on, and on. If I were Haslam I would be furious with spending 32 million on Kenny Britt who has had a hard time catching a cold. A replay of the Bowe deal. I sincerely hope that Haslam reaches out to a strong, experienced NFL leader, maybe even Peyton Manning, and brings them in at the top to right this ship.

All that said, a win would cure a lot of ills, even if it would just be masking the symptoms for a while. Join us this Sunday at noon at the Fox and Hound to see if we can get some relief. Our halftime giveaways are a neat Browns rolling cooler with backpack straps and a Browns cake topper, followed by our 50/50 raffle.

See you Sunday, and GO BROWNS!


By , October 12, 2017 3:06 PM

You had to do it Hue. You had to bench Kizer in favor of Hogan. As much as you want to develop “your guy”, the losing, 1-20 in the last 21 games is destroying the psyche of our team and us the fans. The numbers alone justify it. You are now starting a guy with a QBR over 100 instead of under 50, a guy who is completing 68% of his passes instead of 50%, and a guy who has led touchdown drives during each of his first series as a sub.

We should be near full strength on defense but we will need to be in light of Deshaun Watson’s hot hand the last few weeks. In case you need a reminder he’s the guy we traded down from with the twlefth overall pick.

This Sunday is our annual tailgate party, we will kick it off at 10 AM in the parking lot of the Fox and Hound. The rain should be ending in the early morning hours and it will be cool tailgate weather with a high of 56 so dress appropriately. As with past tailgates, the Fox and Hound will supply the buns and protein, please bring chips, sides or desserts. At noon, or if the weather doesn’t cooperate we will go inside to watch our Browns go after win #1. At halftime we will give away appropriate items for a tailgate, a heavy duty Coleman (Corey?) portable Browns chair with a built in cooler pouch, a collapsable 3 in 1 cooler, and of course have our 50/50 raffle.

See you Sunday, and GO BROWNS!


By , October 6, 2017 9:48 AM

Whether we think of professional sports as entertainment or not, that is what it should be. None of the Cleveland sports writers who saw last week’s lopsided loss to the Bengals thought it was in the least bit entertaining and if you watched it I’m sure you would agree. For the second straight week our defense (or lack thereof) put us in a hole we just couldn’t climb out of.

It seems that Myles Garrett and Danny Shelton will be back this week, atleast at some level, so maybe they will be difference makers. The odds makers have us as 2.5 point favorites, and of course Josh McCown returns to First Energy Stadium with a chance to win his first game there. Oh boy….

As I announced last week Elaine and I won’t be able to host you this week but the Fox and Hound still welcomes you. There will be no giveaways or 50/50 raffle but I’m sure you would trade those for a win so come on out with your Windy City Dawg Pound brothers and sisters and get us one of those. We will be back for our tailgate party the following Sunday at 10 AM so make sure you don’t miss it.

When you get to the Fox and Hound look up and to the right as you come into their foyer just inside the front door and take note of the sign below that the Worldwide Browns Backers provided us with this year and…………


Bengals at Browns Sunday at Noon

By , September 28, 2017 3:49 PM

When I was studying electrical engineering at YSU I learned about the diode, a basic electronic device. After last week’s loss to the Colts DIODE took on a whole new meaning for me, Disappointed In Our DEfense. While we know Kizer and our offense are truly a work in progress I thought I saw a better defense on the field during pre-season and the Squeeler game than the way we played D in Indy, especially in the first half. After Brissett waltzes into the end zone once, wouldn’t you make some adjustments to prevent that happening again?

Myles Garrett may show up on the field Sunday but I’m hoping you’ll all join us at the Fox and Hound on Sunday for the Battle of Ohio. We will be giving away a cool Browns organizer for your remotes and magazines and a Browns pillow followed by our 50/50 raffle.

See you Sunday at noon, and GO BROWNS!


By , September 21, 2017 2:58 PM

Believe it or not many have our Browns as 1 point favorites on the road this Sunday. That means they would be 3-4 point favorites at home. Wow. The kind of Luck we don’t need (Andrew) has been ruled out for the game. Here’s hoping Kizer can gather himself and build on his chemistry with Higgins last week and our D can get their mojo back.

Join us at the Fox and Hound at noon to root our Browns on to their first win and lead us on to two very winnable home games against the Bungles and Jests.

Our giveaway last week was a Browns cover to protect your grill, this week we’ll give away some Browns utensils that even chef and Browns fan “Super Symon” would love to have. Of course there will be our 50/50 raffle at halftime as well.

See you Sunday, and GO BROWNS!


By , September 15, 2017 11:29 AM

Almost all of us were pleased with the way our Browns played the Squeelers. Our offense outscored their so called explosive offense, our defense was aggressive, and if it weren’t for the blocked punt for a touchdown we could have won. Then of course there were the dirty hits they put on us but what else is new? We will get our chance for revenge in Week 16.

Almost all of the sports sites have elevated the Steelers to the top tier of the power rankings while we are still at the bottom. The message there is until you start winning you get little or no respect.

We have a chance to start earning some of that respect against the Dirty Birds this Sunday at noon. Join us at the Fox and Hound where we will be giving away protection for your grill Browns style, a Browns cooler, and having another 50/50 raffle at halftime.

We had three new signups this week on the Browns Backers Portal. If you haven’t signed up and printed out your membership card yet, here is the link to join our club:…/…/windy-city-bb

And last but not least, even Hue Jackson has caught Indians Fever and comments on their winning streak here:…/hue_jackson_on_the_indians_21-.h…

See More


Steelers at Browns this Sunday at Noon

By , September 7, 2017 11:27 AM

The draft, the hype that follows and the preseason are all over, it’s time for the games to begin!

Please join us this Sunday at the Fox and Hound on Roselle Road in Schaumburg to kick off the 2017-2018 season with your fellow Windy City Dawg Pound members. I see no need to pump you up more for a game against the Squeelers, let’s just pump up the volume on Sunday! In addition to our new QB DeShone Kizer and revitalized D under Gregg Williams there will be the subplots of Joe Haden wearing black and gold and Sammie Coates on our side of the ball.

We will be giving away this cool clock which in addition to the time of day reads “It’s time to turn this thing around!” and the little giveaways we got from the World Wide Browns Backers. And of course we will have our 50/50 raffle. Please be sure to remind your servers of our 15% food discount!

Hope to see you all out in force on Sunday, and GO BROWNS!

Giants at Browns Windy City Dawg Pound Viewing Party at the Fox and Hound Schaumburg

By , August 19, 2017 2:35 PM

Our Fox & Hound does not have access to pre-season games but we’re in luck this week, they will be hosting us in our Hound Room for Monday Night Football as the Giants come in to First Energy Stadium. Please join us on Monday night for an informal viewing party, no drawing, no giveaways, just good food & drink with the Dawg Pound and our hosts at the Fox & Hound. Please RSVP so we can let them know how many to expect and…….GO BROWNS!


By , May 31, 2017 3:08 PM

I have to believe that based on the reviews of our draft that most of you are excited and looking forward to the new season. I still have to believe we hit the bottom of the barrel last year.

With that, how many of you are up for a road trip this year? I got an email from the person in charge of group sales for the Indianapolis Colts wanting to know if we are interested in a group of tickets for the game on Sunday September 24th at 1 PM at Lucas Oil Stadium. The weather should be great and while I know our Browns are playing the Bears on Christmas Eve that makes this game seem that much better.

We need 10 people or more to make our group. June 15th is the cutoff date for these group ticket sales. Assume for now that seats will range from $119 for lower level to $109 for loge level. I would love to see us get a group in the lower end zone, after all, we are the DAWG POUND!

Please email me at if you’re interested or if you have questions. Please keep in mind your affirmative response needs to be a strong commitment to go. I have even looked into renting a motor coach but unless we get interest from a lot more than 10 we should assume that a few of us could drive our vehicles and just share expenses.

Enjoy your summer, and GO BROWNS!

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