By , October 19, 2017 2:53 PM

I thought Hogan would give us a spark but was terribly disappointed. How can somebody look so good coming off the bench and so bad as a starter? Kizer is back and claims that the week on the bench “sparked his competitive juices”. You’re a rookie starting for an NFL team, isn’t that enough?

Speaking of NFL team our good friend Michael Williams told me last week that watching our Browns right now is like watching a college team trying to compete against pros. I can’t argue. The losses are piling up and the blame game is in full swing. It’s hard to believe that a team with 2 dozen draft picks the last two years doesn’t at least show glimpses of improvement week to week. Our only real playmaker Garrett was a no brainer pick, the jury is still out on the rest.

As for the blame game, my favorite Greek proverb “The Fish Rots from the Head Down” applies, and Haslam is the head. While I don’t question his desire to win, and realize he is (or was) new at this, he has failed to put enough football knowledge in place in the front office and it shows. We failed to commit to drafting quarterbacks who are now developing into winners in front of our eyes, Watson, Wentz, Trubisky, Carr, and on, and on. If I were Haslam I would be furious with spending 32 million on Kenny Britt who has had a hard time catching a cold. A replay of the Bowe deal. I sincerely hope that Haslam reaches out to a strong, experienced NFL leader, maybe even Peyton Manning, and brings them in at the top to right this ship.

All that said, a win would cure a lot of ills, even if it would just be masking the symptoms for a while. Join us this Sunday at noon at the Fox and Hound to see if we can get some relief. Our halftime giveaways are a neat Browns rolling cooler with backpack straps and a Browns cake topper, followed by our 50/50 raffle.

See you Sunday, and GO BROWNS!

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